Injury Case Manager

  • San Pedro
  • Grupo Stt

Key Job Responsibilities Responsibilities include handling all aspects of an injury claim from intake, to handling property damage and PIP/Medpay claims, along with health insurance. Case managers interact with medical providers regarding patient accounts, clients during meetings, and insurance adjusters setting up and managing claims.

We have a team of professional, knowledgeable operators who can help screen your calls and identify potential cases. We also provide follow-up services to help you stay in touch with your clients and keep them updated on your progress.

Requisitos : Requirements Bachelor’s degree (preferred) Bilingual (English/Spanish) (preferred) 5+ years of previous experience working in a law firm, handling cases, or with an insurance company handling claims (required) Experience with a case management software program, and computer skills (required) We are looking for someone who is bright, energetic, detail oriented, and able to multi-task (required) Handle large case load Work directly with attorneys, clients and other legal staff Ability to empathize with clients and establish trust